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The MowRo RM24A robot lawnmower is a simple-to-use automated robot lawnmower that is battery-operated, which removes the need for spending any money on fuel, oil or cords and it is environmentally friendly too. A highly efficient brushless motor offers higher torque-to-weight ratio and a motor that is powered by a 28-Volt lithium-ion 4 Ah battery. This mower will automatically return to the charging station and dock until full charge is reached and pick up where it left off when the battery gets low. 3 razor-sharp blades deliver optimum cutting performance, spinning at an impressive 2900 RPM and leaving a 9.5 in. swath that you can set at a custom height anywhere from 1 in. to 2.5 in. A super quiet motor (65 dB) means that you can mow while you sleep even in close knit neighborhoods. The MowRo RM24A runs on a 48-hour schedule so it can keep up with the daily growth and at the same time let the minuscule grass clippings act as fertilizer resulting in a healthier greener lawn. An included rain sensor automatically sends the robot back to the charging station if rain is detected and will continue to mow once the storm is over An auto-stop safety bumper allows this mower to safely go around objects left in the lawn and find an unhindered route to continue mowing if obstacles get in its path. It can traverse 30° slopes for more creative landscaped areas and it includes a 1-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials, parts or quality that is upgradable to 2 full years.

  • 3 razor-sharp blades deliver optimum cutting performance, these blades are adjustable for custom cutting heights ranging from 1 in. to 2.5 in. and are mounted on a spinning-blade disc that revolves at 2900 RPM and cuts a 9.5 in. W swath at each pass
  • Runs on a 48-hour schedule so it can keep up with the daily growth and at the same time let the minute grass clippings fall where they are cut which acts as its own fertilizer resulting in a healthier greener lawn
  • Auto-stop safety feature stops the robot from mowing when it bumps into objects and it will safely back up, go around and find a more favorable and unhindered route to continue mowing
  • commonly made by conventional gas-powered lawnmowers too, offering you the peace and quiet you deserve while do the things you want to do in your yard
  • The docking station acts as a home base that MowRo charges at. When it begins to rain, when MowRo finishes mowing or if MowRo becomes low on battery, it will automatically return to this docking station.
  • MowRo operates using an algorithm that helps maintain a consistent lawn. MowRo continuously mows day or night ensuring your lawn is pristinely kept and mows up to 6,500 sq ft per mow cycle. Program your yard size into MowRo, and the algorithm does the rest.
  • A low profile, no-trip perimeter wire is placed according to the needs of your lawn. The wire acts as a wall so MowRo knows when to turn and maneuver around the lawn. The perimeter wire also acts as a guide taking MowRo back to the docking station for charging.
  • 9.5 in. cutting width
  • Climbs slopes up to 30° grade
  • Height adjustment (1 in. - 2.5 in.)
  • Brushless motor
  • Quiet operation (65dB) significantly reduces noise pollution
  • Cuts up to 0.25 acre
  • Manufacturer warranty, 6 months on the battery and 1-year on the Mower (Extendable upon registration with Manufacturer)
  • 28-Volt lithium-ion 4 Ah battery