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Features and Benefits:

  • Destroys more than 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the flu, H1N1, SARS, pneumonia, MRSA, strep, TB, measles and the common cold, as proven by independent FDA- and EPA-certified lab testing
  • Reduces concentrations of volatile organic compounds and odors, as well as air pollution linked to sleep disorders
  • Features no-maintenance, filterless, energy-conscious ViraTech® air purification technology
  • Cleans the air up to 6x per hour in an average sized bedroom and up to 3x per hour in an 800-square-foot room
  • Equipped with 17 adjustable fan settings for quiet operation

Product Specs:

  • Power usage: 93 watts
  • Electrical: 120V/60Hz/1.6A
  • Unit size: 32”x 12.5” x 9.5”
  • Weight: 14.2 lbs
  • Room size: Up to 800 square feet
  • Safety: ETL listed
  • Shipping Package Dimensions: 12” x 36” x 13”
  • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs.

Sometimes finding a high-quality portable air cleaner for your home or office that truly purifies the air, effectively gets rid of odors, but doesn't cost a thousand dollars or more can be tough. What's even tougher is finding an effective air cleaner that is truly filterless, much less one with a money back guarantee...

Meet The RxAir Air Purification System

The RxAir Air Purification System is more than just another UV air cleaner. It's so good at cleaning the air you breathe that it's actually FDA-approved as a Class II medical device. The RxAir draws the air into the chamber where three of the best, most powerful ultraviolet bulbs (approximately 50 watts per bulb) are running full steam. The baffles then provide the necessary turbulence to circulate pollutants and germs very close to the UV-C lamps, allowing the ViraTech germicidal UV-C system to kill over 99% of any airborne bacteria, viruses, dust mites or mold spores--on the first pass, without filters. That gives you peace of mind knowing that the air in your home, room or office is constantly being disinfected. Bye bye cold & flu viruses!

The RxAir Air Purification System is lab-tested to provide some of the best germicidal protection and exceptional odor control available by way of a process called 'photocatalytic oxidation'.  When the RxAir air cleaner's UV-C rays meet with its TiO2-coated filter, which releases highly-reactive but safe hydroxyl ions and super-oxide ions that aggressively seek out destroy other elements in the air, such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and VOC's. VOC is an acronym for Volatile Organic Compounds, which include harmful chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde, ammonia and most odors commonly found in the home (cooking, pet odors, etc).

This amazing portable room air purification system offers cleaner air and extra protection for those with chronic allergies, sinus or respiratory issues, COPD, and weakened immune systems since it actually purifies the air, destroying the airborne germs that cause repeat infections, not just filtering the air which doesn't kill anything. It's also best for those with allergies and asthma, as well, since it also destroys airborne dust mites and disintegrates chemical compounds that cause a large percentage of attacks. The RxAir air cleaner's hydroxyl ions and super-oxide ions also help those with allergies and asthma by causing the large particles in the air to stick together and drop out of the air, away from where you're breathing so all that's left is cleaner, disinfected air in your home or room. 

The RxAir Air Purification System is truly one of the best, most effective portable air cleaners on the market with next generation technology that doesn't require filters. This portable air purifier is excellent for cleaning the air in homes, large offices, salons, conference rooms and more. The RxAir air cleaner also runs very quietly so you can comfortable use it in bedrooms, baby rooms or other areas where the air needs to be cleaned--quietly. And it's only 18 pounds so it's easy to move it to any room or take it with you when you travel.

The RxAir Portable Air Purification System is perfect for:

  • Bedrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Homes Offices
  • Common Areas
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Nursing Homes

So if you want a quality air cleaner that truly disinfects the air, removes odors, and doesn't require HEPA or carbon filters, try the RxAir Air Purification System today. You have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so there's nothing to lose by trying it. We think you'll love it!